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Dublin Decoded has featured on radio and in many newspapers, including the Journal (Dublin); the Dublin Inquirer;  the Wall Street Journal (link here); the Financial Times and of course, Arran has also written extensively himself, most notably his well-known monthly columns in “Totally Dublin” during the 2000s, Hidden Dublin.   However, it was a particular thrill to appear yesterday in the Irish Times, especially in Frank McNally’s consistently excellent, and much-loved Irishman’s Diary.  ( For overseas readers, this long running column appear on the letters and editorial page, and is one of the mainstays, a veritable institution, of our newspaper of record here.)

An added, extra satisfaction for me personally was that Frank McNally’s predecessor in this role (way back in the 1940s and 50s) was the legendary Flann O’Brien,  a literary hero of mine and many others and – according to some of the most discerning judges-  the finest comic writer in English language of the 20th century.    In any case, Mr McNally did us proud.    As far as I know, his column from yesterday is not protected behind a paywall.   So you should be able read it here .

Top section and banner only from Irish Times piece Wed 24 Thurs 24 JUne 2020


About Us.

Dublin Decoded tours’ owner and chief guide is the writer and street-level art historian Arran Henderson.  Arran is a passionate local historian and avid observer and writer on many aspects of  artistic, architectural culture and almost all eras of history.  He is a graduate of Oxford Brook Art History department, Ireland’s National College of Art and Design and the Dublin Institute of Technology and has spent additional time in the University of Rhode Island and and Central St Martins, London.

His blog, about everything from traditional cast iron coal hole-covers to the use of optical magnifying and projecting apparatus in 17th century Dutch art appears at irregular intervals.  It is titled simply Arran Q Henderson dot com. and you can see it here.

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