Venice: the Art and Architecture of La Serenissima

Every winter, starting soon after Christmas, Dublin Decoded run an acclaimed Art History and Appreciation Course, with one talk each week on Tuesday afternoon at 2PM for 8 weeks.  We usually focus on the art of Italy. These taks (and the lavish amount of illustrated artworks that accompany them)  are well-known for making interesting ideas about art and art history highly enjoyable and accessible.

Each talk can be joined live and/or they can be watched later, as a recorded version.   Every ticket holder is automatically sent the links for both the live and recorded versions every week.   

Our first talk will take place at 2PM on Tuesday 3rd of January, 2023.  And we are thrilled to announce our theme this year will be:

Venice: the Art and Architecture of La Serenissima

Over eight weeks we’ll discuss and explore together the unrivaled art of the watery, fabled Italian city of Venice – “the most Serene Republic” as it stood as a fiercely independent republic and proud maritime superpower for over a thousand years of Independent existence.    Venice, with its dazzling Gothic, Byzantine and Renaissance palaces and churches, its astonishing treasures like mosaics and sculpture, and of course, its paintings.  These paintings were executed by legendary names like Giorgione, Titian, and the Bellini family, Carpaccio, Paulo Veronese and Tiepolo, Canaletto and many others.  We will use over twenty years experience,  explaining, teaching and illuminating art, to bring these works to life,  giving you layers of context, symbolism and meaning,  to understand and enjoy these artworks as never before.

We are still putting the finishing touches to the talks, and no doubt, will continue to do so, right up until they are beamed out live every week starting early January.  But the outline of the talks is already established.   Here is your course breakdown for this year’s art talks:


Talk 1-

The  Basilica

Outside, then inside the Basilica San Marco.

its Mosaics, Relics and Crusader Spoils.

Talk 2-

A tour of the San Polo and Santa Croce districts :

Including a talk on Titian and Bellini altarpieces, including those at the great Franciscan church of Santa Maria Glorioso de Frari

Talk 3

A walk in Castello:

the Palazzo Grimani and its classical sculptures.

the Scuolo di San Giorgio and the art of Renaissance painter Vittore Carpaccio

The basilica of San Giovanni e Paulo and its artworks.

Talk 4

The Doge’s Palace.

A tour of the palace and its extraordinary history.

Including discussion of its great art works by Venetian painters Tintoretto and Paulo Veronese.

Talk 5

Works of genius:  Venetian Architecture from 1250 to 1690,

Venetian Architecture in the Gothic, Byzantine, Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Including discussions of key Venetian architects, such as Bartolomeo Bon, Sansovino, and Andrea Palladio

Talk 6

a walk around Dosoduro, views over the lagoon, from the Salute to San Nicolo,

the churches of Carminini and San Pantalon and their artworks.

Our tour of masterpieces:  at the Galleria Academia including works by Hieronymus Bosch, Giorgione, Titian, the Bellini family, Paulo Veronese and more.

Talk 7-

a walk around Cannaregio, its churches and their artworks

Including a visit to the Ca d’Oro, with works by Jan van Eyck, Andrea Mantegna and others.

Talk 8-

Venetian Art, Culture and Social life in the Grand 18th century

Inside the art collections of the Ca’ Rezzonico.

8 talks in total.
Course break-down below.
Talks run at 2pm live each Tuesday afternoon starting Tuesday 3rd January.

As with last year, every talk is recorded and a link to the recorded version will be sent out to all ticket-holders, usually within 24 hours of the talk.

Buying tickets

It is not possible to buy tickets for individual talks.   Talks may be purchased either in a block of 4 talks for €50 (Talks 1-4 and then a second separate ticket for €50 again for Talks 5-8)  Or as a block ticket for all 8 talks at €100.

8-in-1 block ticket:  for the entire course of talks now available at €100 plus booking fee (less than €6)  These 8-in-one tickets will soon be available here until lunchtime on Sunday the 2nd of January only (24 hours prior to the first talk, the next day)  Please note it will not be possible to purchase tickets after this point.

4-in-1 block ticket for Talks 1 to 4 will soon be available here: €50 + booking fee (€12.50 per talk).

Gifting options Good Christmas News: gifting options now available!
The 8-in-1 block ticket and the 4-in-1 block ticket (Talks 1 to 4) can be purchased as gifts.  Just tick the check box on the online purchase page, then fill in the name and email address for your intended recipient!

Please note: all tickets must be purchased a minimum of 24 hours prior to the talks.  Last purchases of block tickets: 2pm on Monday 3rd January at the latest.

We look forward to seeing some of you art lovers in early January.

It’s going to be a treat!

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