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There are two types of Art tours available from Dublin Decoded. The first is a general National Gallery of Ireland tour, 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours approx, giving you an outline and highlights of the collections, including 18th and 19th century paintings from the British and Irish collections  like Jack B Yeats; as well as international works from the 1300s to the 1800s from Spain, France, Russia, Italy, Germany and the Low Countries.  Feeature works include paintings by Goya, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Andrea Mantegna, Filipo Lippi and Caravaggio.  The National Gallery of Ireland has a particularly strong collections of magnificent works from the 17th century Dutch Golden Age  (Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Steen, van Ruisdale etc)  We also look briefly at the recent, superb refurbishment of the historic parts of the National Gallery.  To see more about this tour go here.  Or just press the Green button at any time,  to book your own, private tour.

Our other tour of the National gallery of Ireland is our famous, highly enjoyable easy How to Read a Painting Tour  a sort of fun “workshop” on how to read symbols, attributes, allegory and symbolism in old master paintings.  This convivial, accessible, yet high-value art tour has been the subject of scores of rave reviews on TripAdvisor and elsewhere.  For the general, yet intellectually curious visitor, it helps answer important questions concerning how to interpret and understand old master paintings.   As well as religious saints and symbols, we’ll also glance at some of the best-known tropes of classical mythology,  to see how artists use symbols to help us identify mythological characters and themes. To see more about How to Read a Painting tour,  go here.  Or to book your own private tour, of any of our routes,  just press the green button at any time.

Either of our two National Gallery tours are also available to do at Night (on Thursday evenings only, 6-8pm)    This can often be a particularly beautiful, peaceful time to visit the galleries, with optimum viewing conditions to enjoy the old master works in calm and peace, and with at times almost exclusive access to many of the galleries. 

For corporate inquires only, we still accept inquiries via our Private rt Tour contact form, below.   All marked fields required.  Or just just press the green button at any time, to book your own private tour,  for any of our routes and options.

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National Gallery of Ireland Dublin Private Art Tour with Arran Henderson picture copyright Dublin Decoded Tours

My favouite Art Tour Group Shot Arran with guests at the NGI National Gallery of ireland on a Dublin Decoded tour

with the Nokazaki Family at the NGI

Dublin Decoded 27

Dublin Decoded 25

Dublin Decoded 24

Dublin Decoded 23

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