How to Read a Painting.  understanding symbolism & iconography, at the National Gallery of Ireland

This highly enjoyable, convivial yet hugely high-value Fine Art tour exploring the collections of the National Gallery of Ireland, in a very special way, is the subject of scores of rave reviews on TripAdvisor and elsewhere.  For the intellectually curious visitor, it is designed to help build your skills in the interpretation and understanding of old master paintings, their symbolism and their carefully-crafted layers of meaning.

To do this we will look at world-class paintings by artists such as Fra Angelico, Mantegna, Perugino, Rembrandt, Vermeer and Caravaggio, using these to discuss their symbolism, and to help develop your ability to read symbolism.  You’ll learn how to recognise popular biblical subjects in art like The Annunciation, the Lamentation and others) how to identify different saints by spotting their traditional “attributes”;  even how to decode some of the religious iconography of French and Italian Renaissance masterpieces.

How to Book. This tour is run as a public tour from just 2- 4 times per year,  when like all our public tours, it’s naturally open to all.   If any of these “How to Read a Painting ” tours are currently scheduled then they will appear in the current listings on our Public Tours Page.   As always, if you live in Dublin,  and are primarily interested in joining our Public tours, then by far the best way to hear about them is to sign up to the monthly newsletter.

Alternatively, we also offer and run the tour as a private activity for your own, private group, on a date of your own choosing.  Please use the green Book Now button, then select private tours, choose your date and book.

Visit the Gallery at Night? (the Thursday evening tour)   Both our Highlights of the NGI tour and our How to Read a Painting Tour is also available as a Thursday evening event.  (Always meeting just inside the Merrion Square door at 17.55 then touring from 18.00-20.00 (6-8pm).    Please use the green button to select your time and date,  to book your own private How to Read a Painting or NGI evening tour.  When booking, please remember this option is available Thursday evenings only.   Thank you.

For public tour inquiries please go here.



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