For our other tours, both public and private, see below…

Public tours:  All the tours listed on our home page are there as private tours, for you to book exclusively for your own group.  Prices start at €200 for 1-2 people.  Prices overall depend on the size of your group.   However in other good news, Dublin Decoded do run from 1 – 4 scheduled, public tours each month (from April to October) events which are open to all, and to which everyone can buy tickets.  (From just €19 per person)  These tours are highly regarded, sociable events and full of Dublin People.  But we only schedule them 1-3 weeks in advance!  You can can see our imminent, upcoming Public tours here. This Public Tours page also has additional, key advice on how not to miss these tours, which are rapidly becoming Dublin’s worst-kept secret!

Other Private Tours:  For larger private tour groups and for private company and corporate groups, Dublin Decoded offer many more routes, in addition to the six fabulous tours listed on our home page.  For a full list of our tours, (apart from those featured on the homepage) please see below.

O’Connell Street and around:  O’Connell Street is Dublin’s principal boulevard, boasting pantheon of statues of national Greats, from Daniel O’Connell to Charles Parnell.  Its General Post Office is a Georgian Masterpiece and was the Headquarters of the short-lived first Irish Republic.  The street was the scene of fierce fighting in the 1916 Easter Rising, and later in the Irish Civil War.  At the top of the street is Parnell Square, formerly Rutland Square, now somewhat down on its luck; yet previously the home of the capital’s fashionable elite.  It also hosts the world’s first purpose built maternity hospital.  Beyond that stand theatres and 18th century aristocratic townhouses, revolutionary safe-houses, secret firing-ranges and tunnels, social and revolutionary history, and much, much more.   To  see more, or to book this tour, go here

Ballsbridge:  Ballsbridge is a leafy affluent suburb just a mile or so from Dublin’s city centre. Yet is is full of famous former residents, not to mention mountains of fascinating social, architectural, literary and revolutionary history.   To  see more, or to book this tour, go here

Rathmines,  is another upper-middle-class suburb, even closer to Dublin’s city centre, full of large 19th century townhouses and quiet, leafy squares and side streets.  Yet is is full of famous former residents, not to mention an extraordinary store of social, architectural, literary and revolutionary history.   To  see more, or to book this tour, go here

Portobello,  historically Dublin’s Jewish quarter, formerly known as “Little Jerusalem”.  The childhood home of a future president of Israel.   Childhood home of the man who made possible the great American city of Los Angeles.  Home of artists, writers, engineers, of seven former synagogues and Ireland’s “Sinn Fein Rabbi“!   Not to mention the home of the fictional yet most famous Irish Jew, the flawed, reflective, deeply humane Leopold Bloom, protagonist of James Joyce’s Ulysses.  To  see more, or to book this tour, go here

Dublin’s old Medieval City Walls,  an amazing, 3-hour walk following the complete circuit of Dublin’s old medieval city walls, whether they are still visibly standing or not.  You will find an surprising amounts has survived, plus there are many other traces and clues in the landscape, for those who know where to look!   One of very favourite tours.  This is an incredible way to learn about ancient Dublin, from the Viking era, through Anglo-Norman times, and then down to the present day.   To  see more, or to book this tour,please go here.

for Fun company and team-building activities, we recommend two of our tours in particular, the Medieval Walls of Dublin walk mentioned above and our Temple Bar Treasure Hunt.  For an idea of our Temple Bar Treasure Hunt please go here.  For more low key, but high-end corporate client entertainment, you may wish to consider our Thursday night, evening-time private art tours of the National Gallery of Ireland.  There are of course other options, see above.

School and Educational Tours.

We offer separate introductory waling tours for both Georgian and Victorian architecture.

our Georgian architecture tour was originally designed to help Secondary school Leaving Certificate teachers explain and teach the basics and principles of Georgian architecture to their students.  However it has been of immense interest to scores of other guests and visitors.  What are the underlying principles of Georgian architecture?  What are proportions, and where do them come from?  What are the classical orders, how to distinguish, recognize and understand them?   And what, if anything, do they “mean”?   Who were Ireland’s great Georgian architects, builders and craftsmen?  And what did each one contribute to the city we see today?    Tours include works by a selection of famous architects which include Edward Lovett Pearce, William Chambers, Thomas Cooley,  James Gandon, Henry Aron Baker, Thomas Ivory, Francis Jonson, and more.

Victorian architecture.

We always think of Dublin as being a Georgian city.  Yet just as much of the city centre was built or rebuilt in the 19th century.   Learn about the influence of the great John Ruskin, learn about the Venetian Gothic Revival and to spot Polychromy and other beautiful telltale Victorian Venetian Gothic detailing, on these wonderful, under-appreciated buildings.   Our tour looks at a selection of superb Victorian works including old bank and insurance buildings, churches, shops, 19th century departments stores and more.  Tours features works by a selection of famous Victorian architects including T.N. Deane and his partner Thomas Woodward and his TM. Deane, as well as other luminaries like William G Murray;  Sir Thomas Drew; William Henry Lynn and others.

Custom and Bespoke Tailor Made Tours.

Dublin Decoded have designed, researched, developed and delivered literally scores of bespoke, custom-made tours to our most discerning clients.  If you have an idea for a specific custom-made tour you’d like us to provide, please contact us directly using our Custom Tour Inquiry Form to give us the best, clearest idea of your requirements.   One example is a group of visitors from a particular field or profession who wish an emphasis on a particular theme, such as Law, Medicine, early Dublin cinema, Fashion,  or Theatre.  Another different, even more bespoke type of adaptation involves select visits to private 18th century Georgian houses; while a third form of adaptation, which may involve  considerable additional outlay may involve add-ons like wine tasting, or  whiskey tastings, and/or a private music recital, possibly within a private 18th century Georgian townhouse.  Please note we will not be able to answer any inquiries regarding public tours submitted via this contact form.   Exclusively for Custom Private Tour use.  All marked fields are required.

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