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Below are details of our last 3 tours from 2018.  Our third-from-last public walking tour of 2018 was Medieval Walls  2.25pm on Thursday afternoon, 11th Oct. 2018.  (image below)

Medieval with Dublin Decoded

Then our penultimate public walking tour was River, Port, Dock, Canal, on Saturday 20th October

Map w Grnd Canal docks, georges doc Tongue and taggart Foundry, Guniness and brit & irish Steamshoip Co etc

from the Triumphal Arch outside the CHQ building in the IFSC area, walking east along the river, then over the Samuel Beckett bridge. Once over on the South quays, visiting Bindon Blood Stoney’s famous Diving Bell.

From there we went to the Grand Canal Docks (both Outer and Inner)  then through the old Boland’s Mill area,  then along the Grand Canal itself, taking in Mount St Bridge, leafy Percy Place, and finishing up at the beautiful Pepper Canister church with its iconic classical portico and Athenian-inspired classical references.

Along the way we touched on everything from the Crimean War to the War of Independence, trade, commerce, shipping and navigation, the Easter Rising, engineering, bridge-building, technology, architecture, urban regeneration and renewal.  As you may see from teh photo below, we all had a great day out.

River- Docks walk, on roof of marker Hotel (Pic b)

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Our last public tour of last year was River, Docks, Canal walking tour, our final public walking tour of 2018 was “a Monto tour with Arran Henderson & Terry Fagan” back on Thursday 8th November (2018)

Monto, Elliot Place, the Frank Murphy Collection & the Old Dublin Soc.

This was a tour of the former, notorious “Monto” district,  the area bounded by Gardiner and Amiens Streets, containing long-forgotten names and vanished streets like Elliot Place and Faithful Place.  It was Joyce’s Night Town from Ulysses and formerly the largest Red-light district in Europe.

It was also the site of the last Magdalene Laundry to close its doors, at a site that still elicits understandably strong feelings and controversy, to this day.

Most of our tour was led by local expert Terry- the real authority on Monto history – as he brought us around the district, with stirring accounts of desperate poverty, prostitution and deprivation, as well as of great humour, kindness and solidarity, and remarkable stories of killing and vengeance during the Irish War of Independence, when the area was a hotbed of rebel activity, arms stores and safe houses.

It was a memorable afternoon of learning and commemoration, of our painful, often complex past.

picture credit,:  above:  Elliot Place, 1930s, from the Frank Murphy Collection (Old Dublin Society)  map, below:  Detail of the 1912 OS Dublin Map, showing Monto area. 

Monto OS 1912

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William St, The Central Assmbly House and Powerscourt House, by Malton


above:  ‘A Meeting of the Volunteers on College Green’, Francis Wheatley. courtesy, National Gallery of Ireland.

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Below:  a detail from a 1861 map, showing parts of our tour, including Kings Inns. the LinenHall, Richmond Asylum, Women’s Penitentiary and more. 

MAP Heffernans 1861 Map LINNENHALL RICHMOND Pent


Below: images from some of our public tours over the past 18-24 months…