Please find below details of all our currently scheduled, upcoming public walking tours, to which anyone may buy tickets to and join in.  All are welcome!   Tickets to any of the below tours should be purchased in advance please, using the links provided to the various tickets pages.   (There’s a separate ticket page for each walking tour)   Meeting point, meet-times & all other relevant information for each tour is on its ticket pages so please just follow the links, thank you.

Planning ahead for your holiday or excursion?  Please note: Dublin Decoded only schedule tours 2- 5 weeks in advance!  So please visit nearer to the time of your trip.   Chances are we will have a walking tour scheduled 3-4 weks prior to your tour.  And if not, you can always consider booking one of our outstanding private tours.  If you’d like to receive tour notifications, each time we schedule new public tours, please sign up to the monthly newsletter. Thank you.  Or simply look through all the tours below

Our Upcoming Public Tours:  include our Temple Bar  Treasure Hunt, on Sunday 13th October; our Art Tour- Morning time Dublin Decoded tour, of the National Gallery of Ireland, on Tuesday 22nd October 11.20am.  and Books and Literature in the Time of Johnathan Swift, on 23rd November 2019.   For details on all these see below!  


Sunday 13th October 2019, at 2pm:  the Great Dublin Decoded Temple Bar Treasure Hunt, rides again!    

We’re excited to announce our first Treasure Hunt run as a public event for over a year, open to everyone, subject to availability.   (Book quick, it may sell out!)   Everyone is welcome, families or friends,  old or young,  or simply young at heart.

What are the treasures?   Not Spanish Gold, or pieces of eight, alas!   This is Dublin Decoded.  Anyone who knows us knows we are obsessed with buildings and with history, and particularly with “Reading” buildings for clues!   So the treasures you have to find, all over the Temple Bar district, are in fact sculptures, carvings, dates, animals, numbers, and many other historic details, on the street and all over the old, historic buildings of Temple Bar.   Those are the treasure you must identify and locate

Please note, there are 3 types of ticket available on our EventBrite ticket page; group/ team ticket for a whole team (2-4 people, with 4 as a max)  Or family tickets or, if you’re a solo free spirit, then you can buy an individual ticket and we’ll put you on a team on the day.  More information on the ticket page here. 

This Treasure Hunt is Public event.  All welcome.  Would you like to book this tour as a private company event instead?  To inquire, please see the Treasures Hunt page on the Dublin Decoded Website.  Thank you.

Tuesday 22nd October 11.20am     Art Tour- Morning time Dublin Decoded tour, of the National Gallery of Ireland!   Meeting point:  just inside the Merrion Square door. 

Jacob van Ruisdale the castle at Blentheim copyright National Gallery of Ireland

Our Dublin Decoded tour of the National Gallery of Ireland (NGI) will focus on the permanent collections of the NGI, and particularly on the Italian, French, Dutch and Flemish old master works.  The tour will include paintings by Andrea Mantegna; Perugino; Filipino Lippi; Johannes Vermeer; Goya; Rembrandt; and Caravaggio. In a broader sense we will also look at aspects of symbolism, and so the tour will offer useful pointers on how to understand and “read” old master paintings, especially biblical and mythological subjects.  We’ll also touch upon, more briefly, on some Irish works, and indeed on the NGI itself.

Please note that for time reasons, the tour does not include any of the temporary exhibitions, for example does not include the current show “Sorolla: Spanish Master of Light” although obviously, people are welcome to visit this splendid exhibition themselves after our tour, perhaps after lunch.  Please read all the practical information below.

Important Practical information: on the day of our tour, please arrive at the Merrion Square entrance to the National Gallery, Please do NOT wait at the Clare St entrance, which is 10 minutes walk away.  You may miss the tour!    At the historic entrance on Merrion Square west, please wait just inside the building, around the reception desk and/or cloakroom area on the ground floor. Please also note it’s very convenient to leave coats and bags here in this area, in the (Merrion Square side) Clock room.

Tickets €20 per person, to be purchased on line and in advance on this page. Please book your tickets here.

Duration: – our tour will last from 1 hour 50 minutes to 2 hours 10 minutes. (The exact, precise time always depends on on the amount of questions and discussion) . But in any case, you will find the time goes quicker than you might expect!

We look forward to welcoming you on Tour!

Saturday 23rd November:  -Drama, Books and Publishing,  in the time of Jonathan Swift.  Starts 2.30pm 

The literary and theatrical landscape of Dublin 1640-1922. From Restoration drama of the 1600s to Revolutionary fervor.   This tour will explore a forgotten world of Restoration and Georgian drama, actors, publishes, booksellers and theatre managers.  We’ll also mention a 19th century woman novelist (and legendary salon hostess)  and a  bespectacled poet of poverty and politics and post-modern satire in the 1830s Dublin, and much more.  All presented in the usual accessible,  highly sociable Dublin Decoded style.    All and everyone are welcome.   Join us.  We are proud to present this tour in collaboration with Saint Patrick’s cathedral and the annual Jonathan Swift festival.  Availability is limited and early booking advised.  The ticket link may be found here.

Brilliant engraving of HOEY COURT by Estella Solomens

above:  a brilliant engraving of the now vanished Hooey Court, birth place of Jonathan Swift by artist Estella Solomons.

Swifts Dublin, surveyed just 8 years after his death in Rocques Map of 1753

Swift’s Dublin, surveyed just 8 years after his death in Rocques Map of 1753

Below, images from recent walks:  these walks have all taken place in the recent past.  Below that are additional images with tour titles, also fro recent walks.  You can use these as inspiration,  to keep an eye out on our monthly newsletter, or even to book your own private tour. (Prices start at €180 for a small private group on a weekday mid-morning (typically starting 11am)


An artist impression of medieval walled city of Dublin, by Iain Barber. Courtesy of the artist. All rights reserved.

A walk around Dublin‘s Medieval Walls  (3 hours approx)

Walls of Dublin, Gilbert book and Irish Builder 1862

Dublin West of Capel St: – Monasteries, Markets, Courthouses and Prisons. 

Arran Henderson reading the city with guests, on a recent Dublin Decoded North side Medieval Tour

The area of central Dublin just North of the river, bounded by Church St to the west and and Capel St to the East, is chock-full of History.  The location of two ancient, now largely-vanished monasteries (the Dominican Priory of St Saviors and the once all-powerful Cistercian Abbey of St Mary) a plethora of old markets, at least 4 former historic Prisons, several churches, some fantastic architecture and archeology; and the setting for some extraordinary religious, penal, political and social history, this area is among the most exciting places in Dublin to explore on foot.

walking tour of the Kildare St / Molesworth St area,

Kildare & Dawson St

SE Highlights with : copyright of Arran Henderson & Dublin DEcoded tours


Dublin West of Capel St:  – Monasteries, Markets, Chapels, Courthouses and historic Prisons.

Capel St area 2 1756 Rocque- Glass House Convent area + 19C Fruit & Fish markets pic 2 of S to north 2

image 2 below, artist Stephen Conlin’s superb drawing visualizing the same general area in

OS Ireland 1912


To order or inquire about ordering your own private walking tour, please go to this page    And/or use the Contact Forms, which can be found at the foot of nearly all our Private tour pages.   We are unfortunately, not able to respond to inquiries about public tours if submitted via the private contact forms.   The private tour enquiry forms are for private tour inquiries only, please.    Thank you for your understanding.

All available information on upcoming public tours will appear here, on the public tours page, as and when tours are scheduled. They will then appear in the listings above.  Please don’t send us an email asking about public tours months in advance.  We do not schedule that far, so unfortunately won’t be able to answer your email.   Information on our forthcoming public tours, once they have been scheduled will appear above.  We also warmly recommend for people planning a visit to Ireland or who are based here, or who are regular visitors to Dublin, to sign up to our free monthly newsletter,

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KILDARE St Area Detail Daniel Heffernan Map

Victorian masterpieces walking tour.

Clem Kenny’s Thos Reed Restoration, first floor Int, view to front, Parliament St int.

Portobello Walking Tour.

Pleasure gardens at Portobello 1846, detail from a Bird's Eye view of Dublin, published in the London Illustrated News 1846

Portobello, Portrait of an Area: a Walking Tour. 

Clanbrasil St, Camden & Portobello

 Rathmines Walking Tour

SM Immac Refuge of Sinners (by Patrick Byrne) fro Bessborough Parade copyright Arran Henderson and Dublin Decoded

Kodak Factory Rathmines


MacNamara HQ just off Capel St

Pleasure gardens at Portobello 1846, detail from a Bird's Eye view of Dublin, published in the London Illustrated News 1846

Portobello Walking Tour.

Clanbrasil St, Camden & Portobello

above:  a detail from the modern OS map showing the network of small redbrick streets in modern Portobello, a warren of streets, houses, cafes, local history and a museum!  Below, a cafe garden just off Camden St, the traditional boundary of the Portobello district.

Green building cafe garden

Below:  previous tours with Dublin Decoded.

Mangan, Stamp of James Clarence Mangan

Kildare & Dawson St

Victorian and Edwardian Architecture in Dublin, South-East central: TCD, Grafton and Kildare Streets and the Stephen’s Green area.   Colleges and Museums, Churches and chapels. From Ruskin and Newman to Belfast genius, to a forgotten Pre-Raphaelite.

KILDARE St Area Detail Daniel Heffernan Map


Image below: detail from Bird’s Eye View of Dublin from the London Illustrated News c1848

Trinity College Ill London News 1846

Thomas Read’s Cutlers, taking place Sunday 07 April.   – SOLD OUT,  see below.

Interior Thos Read's Cutlers, copyright RKP

Early Modern Dublin to early Georgian,
Tour Description: Cork Hill, Fishamble, Essex and Parliament Street area.  In this the first part of our tour we’ll explore Dublin’s transition from a late medieval mass to early Modern (1600s) then to the splendour of the early Georgian period (1700s)  – in and around this crucial epicenter of the old city, which was walled until 1680s approx.  We will see forgotten passageways, hidden urban hedge schools, and learn of music, crime, charity, education, of architecture, poverty, wealth and power.


Clem Kenny’s Thos Reed Restoration, first floor Int, view to front, Parliament St int.

If you want to know when these tours are coming up as Public walks which everyone can join, please sign up to the public tours notification Mailing List .   

Medieval Walls, Thurs 11th Oct. 2018.  Image below.

Medieval with Dublin Decoded

River, Port, Dock, Canal.

Map w Grnd Canal docks, georges doc Tongue and taggart Foundry, Guniness and brit & irish Steamshoip Co etc

River- Docks walk, on roof of marker Hotel (Pic b)

Monto tour with Arran Henderson & Terry Fagan”

Monto, Elliot Place, the Frank Murphy Collection & the Old Dublin Soc.

tour of the former, notorious “Monto” district,  the area bounded by Gardiner and Amiens Streets, containing long-forgotten names and vanished streets like Elliot Place and Faithful Place.  It was Joyce’s Night Town from Ulysses and formerly the largest Red-light district in Europe.

It was also the site of the last Magdalene Laundry to close its doors, at a site that still elicits understandably strong feelings and controversy, to this day.  This was a memorable afternoon of learning and of commemoration, of our painful, often complex past.

picture credit,:  above:  Elliot Place, 1930s, from the Frank Murphy Collection (Old Dublin Society)  map, below:  Detail of the 1912 OS Dublin Map, showing Monto area. 

Monto OS 1912

Please see the link here to order your own private walking tours.   But please note, the Contact Form,  on the Private tour pages is for private tour inquiries only.  We are unfortunately not able to respond to inquiries about public tours,  or which appear to be about public tours, if submitted via the private contact forms.  Thank you.

All available information on upcoming public tours will appear here, in the listings above.   Please do not send us an email asking about public tours several months in advance.  We do not schedule that far and unfortunately won’t be able to answer your email.   Information on our forthcoming public tours, once they have been scheduled will appear above and also via our … monthly newsletter,  

William St, The Central Assmbly House and Powerscourt House, by Malton


above:  ‘A Meeting of the Volunteers on College Green’, Francis Wheatley. courtesy, National Gallery of Ireland.   Below: a detail from Rocque’s Map of Dublin.


Below:  a detail from a 1861 map, showing parts of our tour, including Kings Inns. the LinenHall, Richmond Asylum, Women’s Penitentiary and more. 

MAP Heffernans 1861 Map LINNENHALL RICHMOND Pent





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