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Our upcoming Public Tours….

2PM:  SUNDAY 16th of February  (S Valentine’s Weekend)   Dublin’s Great Lovers & Romantics: a walking tour of Art and of History, St Valentine’s week, 2020.

An aptly seasonal celebration of love, and romance in Irish Art and in Irish history. The first part of our tour takes place in the wonderful National Gallery of Ireland where we shall look at a small but perfect selection of paintings, representing some of the most tender, soulful depictions of love ever committed to canvas.  These include Frederic William Burton’s Hellelil and Hildebrand, the Meeting on the Turret Stairs, the achingly beautiful Pre-Raphaelite work recently voted Ireland’s favourite painting.  We’ll also look at a small selection of French and Italian works,  exploring everything from clandestine passion among the Gods, to a case of doomed love on a rocky island.

Then we’ll leave the NGI and start exploring the surrounding streets, including Nassau and Kildare Streets, Stephen’s Green and Harcourt St.   Along our way we shall meet rebels and revolutionaries, artists and writers, and shall discuss great loves and romances from Grace Gifford and Joseph Mary Plunkett; through James Joyce and Nora Barnacle; Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas;  to Kitty O’Shea and Charles Steward Parnell.

Passionate and bawdy, unrequited or chaste; long-lived or doomed, every type of love shall be considered,  and celebrated!     All and everyone are warmly welcome.    Join us.  Meeting point and all other practical details are in the Ticket link,  here.

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Cupid and Venus NGI Venus

Saint Patrick’s Festival Public Tours (2)

11.30am,  Saturday 14th of March: Classic Highlights of Dublin Public Tour. 

This walk is the essential trail of Dublin’s must-see sights, that runs in a line through the central spine of our capital city.    This is your perfect introduction and general orientation tour of Dublin South of the river, walking from East to West through the historic city centre and featuring Stephen’s Green; Merrion Square; Temple Bar; Christ Church Cathedral; City Hall and finishing up at Dublin Castle –

We will meet you at te Wolfe Tone statue, right opposite the Shelbourne Hotel at Stephen’s Green, one of Dublin’s great georgina squares, lined with great mansions and clubhouses.  ASfter introductions and a brief discussion of the area, and of this great Irish patriot Tone, we’ll walk to nearby Merrion Square, home of the modern-day Irish parliament, of Georgian townhouses and many rich literary associations, including the childhood home of Oscar Wilde. From there we go to Temple Bar;  to Christ Church Cathedral; and on to City Hall and Dublin Castle.   A smorgasbord of Irish history, politics, architecture and literature –  your ultimate South Dublin City Walking Tour.

All are warmly welcome.   Meeting point and all other practical details in the Ticket link here.    To see more Tours, read on below.

Dublin Castle with Arran Henderson and Dublin Decoded Tours


11.30AM, MONDAY 16th March,  Patrick’s Park to Blackpitts, Newmarket and the Coombe:  Mills, Markets and Mass Graves!

an historical and architectural walking tour from Patrick’s Park via Blackpitts, Cork Street and the Coombe to Francis Street:  exploring many aspects of this long-neglected, now rapidly changing South-eastern section of the historic Dublin Liberties:   our walking tour features everything from hidden underground streams and rivers to ancient water mills and monasteries, via Dublin’s thriving textile industry of the 1600s and the giant brewers and distillers of the 18th and 19th century.

Want to see where black stout or “porter” was first brewed in Dublin?  It wasn’t by Guinness, nor at St James Gate!

On our winding route we will point out and discuss an old abandoned church and see the sites of former historic orphanages, hospitals, and guild halls.   Along the way we will discuss everything from the tanning and distilling industries to mass graves and the Black Death, and we’ll consider issues from philanthropy to social housing, from armed revolution to urban regeneration and contemporary design.

Reaching the parts of Dublin other parts seldom reach, exploring the city in rare depth and detail, this is a tour not to be missed.      All welcome.  Meet Point:  the fountain in the centre of Patrick’s Park.    End time: 13.30 approx  End point: St Catherine’s Church (RC) Francis Street, Dublin 8.   All other practical details in the Ticket link:  here. 

Below: an old map of the St Patrick’s Cathedral- Newmarket- Blackpitts and Coombe area, an area rich in history and heritage

Newmarket and area, 1790s.

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Recent, previous public tours from 2019. 

THURSDAY  12th December. an evening tour at the National Gallery of Ireland. Met 17.55.  Started, 6PM (18.00).   This was our last public tour of 2019 and all the proceeds went in aid of the wonderful homelessness agency, the Peter McVery Trust Trust. Your perfect art tour (1 hour 55 minutes approx) giving an outline of the collections and its superb highlights, including works from the 1300s to the 1800s,  from Spain, France, Russia, Italy, Germany and the Low Countries.  Artists featured include Rubens, Rembrandt, Jan Vermeer,  Metsu and Jan van Steen, Paulo Uccello, Andrea Mantegna, Filippo Lippi, Goya, and Caravaggio.   All were welcome.  Tickets approx €25.


How to Read a Painting with Dublin Decoded Nov 2017, copyright of Arran Henderson & Dublin Decoded tours

NAT GAL pic 1 of 2 frm 14 Aptil 16 Anne Marie, Joan, Dave, John etc

Highly enough

Jacob van Ruisdale the castle at Blentheim copyright National Gallery of Ireland


Recent, previous tours in 2019. 

Saturday 23rd November:  -Drama, Books and Publishing,  in the time of Jonathan Swift.  In partnership with St Patrick’s Cathedral and the Jonathan Swift Festival.

Sunday 24th November:  –Drama, Books and Publishing,  in the time of Jonathan Swift.  Started at the earlier time of 12.30pm.

on Sunday 13th October; Temple Bar  Treasure Hunt,

Tuesday 22nd October  Morning Art tour, of the National Gallery of Ireland, 

Sunday 13th October 2019 Temple Bar Treasure Hunt.

Other Recent, previous tours in 2019. 

walking tour of the Kildare St / Molesworth St area.

Victorian masterpieces walking tour.

Portobello, Portrait of an Area: a Walking Tour. 

Dublin West of Capel St: – Monasteries, Markets, Courthouses and Prisons. 

A walk around Dublin‘s Medieval Walls  (3 hours approx)

Monto tour with Arran Henderson & Terry Fagan

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below: images and details from some of our public tours.

SM Immac Refuge of Sinners (by Patrick Byrne) fro Bessborough Parade copyright Arran Henderson and Dublin Decoded

Kodak Factory Rathmines

Green building cafe garden


Clem Kenny’s Thos Reed Restoration, first floor Int, view to front, Parliament St int.

Dublin Medieval Walls Walking Tour , with Arran Henderson of Dublin Decoded 3

Dublin Medieval Walls Walking Tour , with Arran Henderson of Dublin Decoded 1

Pictures with guests on Capel Street


National Gallery tour evening guided Art tour with Arran Henderson of Dublin Decoded

Medieval Walls walk in the Dublin Liberties, with Arran Henderson of Dublin DEcoded, photo courtesy Kevin Reid

Arran Henderson with guests on a Dublin Decoded Tour

Portobello Tour with Arran Henderson of Dublin Decoded Tours

Worth Library 1

Gragegorman Tour 2018 photo credit Luke McManus

Grangegorman Tour for IGS 23 June ‘18

River- Docks walk, on roof of marker Hotel (Pic b)

Dublin Medieval Walls tour with Arran Henderson of Dublin Decoded

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