School tours, Company excursions & Treasure Hunts

to go to our Georgian Architecture Tours for Schools, aimed to assist and inspire Art and Art History Leaving Certificate students and their teachers, please go here.

for fun company and team-building activities, we recommend two of our tours in particular, our Temple Bar Treasure Hunt and our Medieval Walls of Dublin walk.

For an idea of our Temple Bar Treasure Hunt please go here.  For our Medieval Walls of Dublin walk, please go here.

For more low key, but high-end corporate client entertainment, you may wish to consider our Thursday night, evening-time private art toursof the National Gallery of Ireland.  There are of course other options.

Or if you have an idea for a specific custom made tour you would like us to provide, please contact us directly by email, with an idea of your specific, bespoke requirements.   

below, images from one of our recent, evening time art tours, and below that, images from a secondary school Georgian architecture tour;  for a private event organized for the national broadcaster RTE and fellow broadcast colleague from around Europe; and from a small number of other private tours. 

How to Read a Painting Tour, with Dublin Decoded, mid shot


Stephen Dawn & kids Temple bar Treasure HuntRTE TOUR MAY 2WErburgh's 3River- Docks walk, on roof of marker Hotel (Pic b)

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