Thinking of Christmas already?  Consider a Dublin Decoded Private Tour Gift Voucher.

Dublin Decoded Private Tour Gift Vouchers are an extravagant but unique present.  For a limited time and an introductory price of €265, you can purchase a voucher for a friend or family member that allows them to do any Dublin Decoded private tour, from our entire range, at a time and date that suits them, any weekday or even on a Saturday up to 3pm.  This voucher covers a private tour either just for them and one or two friends, or for their entire group of up to 12 people, family and/or friends!

Who knows, your friend may be so grateful, you might even get invited along yourself!

This offer will probably be limited to just the first 10 vouchers we sell.  But once purchased, the vouchers themselves are valid for at least 18 months.  (In reality, we will always try to honour any vouchers, regardless of time).  The voucher covers all the Dublin tours listed as options on our website, with routes and options including:

– Rathmines

– Ballsbridge

– The Capel Street area (Markets, Monasteries and Prisons)

– Literature and Dublin in the time of Dean Swift

– Thomas Street and the Liberties area

– Newmarket, Blackpitts and the Weaver Square area

The voucher even covers longer tours such as:

– Medieval Walls

And deluxe tours like:

– How to Read a Painting – at the National Gallery of Ireland

This last option even includes the evening time National Gallery tour (available on Thursday evenings).  And there are no supplements involved, for any tour up to 12 people. The voucher covers them all.   It’s a spectacular present for any friend.

How can you purchase?

Unfortunately we cannot sell these vouchers through Eventbrite, as that requires us to add times and dates to any event.  Naturally your friend or family member will want to fix their own time with us instead.   So, we are using the very old-fashioned expedient of not selling the vouchers online!  Instead, simply get in touch by email and just tell us the name and address of the person you want the voucher sent to, and then we will email you our bank details.  Once the money is received we will dispatch your voucher (usually within 48 hours) to that person, with any personalized message that you specify written on the voucher.  Or we can send the voucher to you, for you to present it in person.

How to get in touch:

  • Simply send an email to with the words Gift Voucher in the subject header please. In the body of the email please specify that:
  • you want a €265 private tour gift voucher
  • then provide us with the following information please:
  • the full name of the intended recipient (or recipients)
  • full address of the intended recipient/s (one address per voucher only)
  • the exact, verbatim text of any short personalized message you wish to include please (maximum 21 words)

Eg:  Noel and Geraldine, Happy Christmas 2019, from Dave and Sue. Hope you enjoy this tour! 

Once we receive payment by bank transfer, and recipient details, we will dispatch your gift voucher (usually within 48 hours) to you OR the person you’ve specified, with any personalized message you supply written on the voucher.   And you will have just made somebody very happy indeed.

This introductory price of €265 is being made on a trial basis for a limited time and/or a limited number of gift vouchers, probably around 10.   To avail of this price please reserve your gift voucher soon.   The offer may be limited to just the first 10 vouchers we sell.   Once purchased however, the vouchers themselves are valid for at least 18 months and probably in perpetuity.    (Because in reality, we will always try to honour any vouchers, regardless of time).

Extravagant but unique.  Not a bad little Christmas gift.


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