Thinking of Christmas already, or a birthday?  Consider a Dublin Decoded Gift Card.  Or alternatively, give a friend or family member our unique Online Art talks, starting on Tuesday 5th of January.

For a long time we had guests and friends asking us to provide gift cards for presents.  We fumbled along for several years with an awkward mix of hand-typed letters of credit, small batch printed gift vouchers and various other half-baked schemes.  But in truth, we were never set up for it properly before.

Now we are.

As from yesterday,  any time you press on the green Book Now button, you will see 4 options:  Zoom Talks, Private Tours, Public Tours and Gift Cards.  You actually have two options for giving a gift of this menu, the Gift cards, obviously.  But it is also possible to gift an Art Talk.   Let us let us tell you about Gift cards first.

If you select Book Now, then Gift Cards, then follow the simple steps, then you can create a gift voucher (credit) from any set amount of €25, €50, €100.   Or you can select the other option, “Custom Amount”  and enter, literally, any amount.

The Gift Card is emailed to You, so to not spoil any Birthday or Christmas surprise you might have planned.  It is emailed to you as soon as you complete your purchase.  But then you can wait, and only when you are ready, you can add a personal message, the send it on to your intended recipient.

to Noel and Geraldine, Happy Christmas 2020,  from Dave and Sue. Hope you enjoy these tours! 

Your friends will just book onto the tours using the online booking on our website, just like any other booking.  The only difference is they use the gift card to pay, instead of their credit card.

To give you a rough idea of the spending power you would be gifting somebody.   €25 will allow your friends to book a place on almost any of our famous Dublin Decoded Public tours.    €50 would of course allow them to book two places on our famous Dublin Decoded Public tours.    €100 would allow 4 people to come on a Public tour.   Private tours are of course, more expensive.   Please bear in mind also, our tours are not really aimed at children or teenagers.  They are generally recommended for adults and for young people aged +15.   Nonetheless,  if you are you looking to buy a big present to enable friends or family to choose and book their own, exclusive tour, on a date of their own choosing, then to guide you, here are our current prices.

Group 1 – 2 people: € 200
Group 3 – 4 people: € 240
Group 5 – 7 people: € 300
Group 8 – 10 people: € 350
Group 11 – 15 people: € 450*

*for this last group size, the price includes audio headsets.

Again, your friends will choose a tour off our website menu, the book it using the regular online booking system on our website, just like any other booking.  The only difference is, they use their gift card to pay, instead of their credit card.

There are nearly a dozen tours to choose from, all visible on the menus off the home page.  One particularly luxurious and popular option is our How to Read a Painting Tour – at the National Gallery of Ireland. This last option is even available at evening time National Gallery tour (available on Thursday evenings)  – a spectacular present, for any friend.   Extravagant but unique.  Not a bad little Christmas gift.

The mention of the National Gallery reminds us.  There is one more way you can make a present from the Dublin Decoded website.  Just after Xmas, early in the New Year, we are launching our wonderful series of richly illustrated, highly accessible  Zoom Art Talks.   These are the ideal way to deepen ones understanding of Art.   And if you’d like to make someone a present of a block of 5 talks, or even the whole series of 10 talks, then you can.  Th procedure (route) is slightly different to gift cards.   As mentioned previously, press the green Book Now button.  But this time, select Zoom Art talks (not gift cards)   On the booking flow for the Zoom Art talks you’ll then see an option to tick a check box.  “Buying these talks for a family member or friend?”    If you tick this box it will open up additional fields, to enter the name and email address of your chosen recipient.  You will receive the conformation email, just as you do with a conventional Gift card.  (As with those, we don’t wish to spoil any surprise!)  Just like a gift card you can personalize the message, then forward it on as a gift when you’re ready.   But the sole difference with the Zoom Art Talks is that we need that email address, of your friend,  from the moment you book.  Because on the day of each Art talk we are, of course, going to send an invitation, to the Zoom call, to your intended recipient.  For this reason, it is also essential you enter your friends email correctly.

It might sound complicated but it isn’t.  For either type of present, just hit the green Boom Now button, choose Art Talks or Gift cards then follow the steps explained there.

We loo forward to seeing you and some friends online, or on tour, soon in 2021.

Happy Christmas everyone!






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