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Dublin Decoded lead historical and architectural walking tours through the streets and squares of Ireland’s capital.  With a key strength in art and architectural history, our tours are especially popular with visitors and guests keen on visual and material culture, as well as lovers of history and urban exploration.  Reading and interpreting clues of the city – from street names and topography, from inscriptions to allegorical sculpture on buildings, then decoding it all for you via the history and context that brought it about,  is what we do best.

Our tours contain information on social history, political, industrial, manufacturing and economic history, legal and military history, women’s history, art and architectural history.  Everything from underground rivers to underground societies.

We lead private and public tours.  Public tours run just 1 to 3 times a month and there is no regular cycle or schedule.  Events change all the time and each month and they appear in our monthly newsletter and on our public tours page.  Private tours are different, they are ordered by you, for you.  Prices for public tours from €16.50 per person.  Prices for private tours from €180- €250 for your group.  Corporate groups and/or very large goups may cost more. Please submit a booking request for an exact quote.

Please choose either public or private tours from the extensive menus of routes – Northside, South side and Art tours- to access all the information you need.   There is a private tour contact form below, and at the foot of every page.

We look forward to welcoming you on tour.

For an up-to-date list of upcoming Public Tours scheduled at present please go to the full list at the bottom of our public tours page.

Camden St area, roads & lanes & site visit to 9A Aungier Street, Dublin’s oldest house:  Saturday 24th March,  11.15am.  Details here:   

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How to read a painting – February 15th at 6pm

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Please note this contact form is exclusively to order your own private tour.  Private tours guideline cost €180- €250 (for your entire group, not per individual).  Hotel meets and pick-ups, large groups and corporate tours may cost more.  Exact quotation on the supply of your date, numbers, and details, please.  All marked fields required.
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