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Dublin Decoded is a small walking tour firm located in Ireland’s capital, offering an engaging mix of historical and architectural material on all our tours.   Our guided walking tours can contain information on social, political and economic history; legal and/or and military history, women’s history;  and especially, on art and/or architectural history.  Everything, in other words from underground rivers to underground societies!   Our tours, led by Arran Henderson,  are especially popular with with lovers of history, art, design, architecture and urban exploration.  Reading the clues of the city, then interpreting and decoding for you,  is what we do best.

Please note that – in normal times – we lead both Public tours (for large to medium-sized groups of guests, typically like-minded strangers, and often Dublin-based folk) and Private tours, booked specially for your own group, whether Irish, or corporate, or visitors from overseas who want their own private tour.    The process for booking a public tour or a private tour is slightly different.

The Green, floating button you can probably see on your screen right now is exclusively to book your own private tour.   For the sake of clarity, that means booking your own tour, exclusively for your own group, on a date and time of your choosing.    You can do that right now, using the Green Button.   Currently, because of the Covid-19 crisis, we are only running private tours, and only to as maximum of 10 people.   But we plan to increase that limit slightly (with social distancing)  and to restart our public tours, both in the next  week or so.   So if you wish to join a public tour, please subscribe to, then keep your eye out for, our monthly newsletter.

With Private tours, you choose the time and date and your number of guests and you choose the route (from our menu of tour options then use the green button to purchase your choice of tour.   (And/or pressing the Green button will bring you to a menu of our walking tour routes)   Public tours are different.  They only happen where and when we say.   Most walking tours companies moreover run the same walking tour route everyday in high season.  Not us.  Even in normal times, we only run 2-3 scheduled public tours per month.    They are however, the best walking tours in Dublin, much loved by our (mostly Irish) connoisseurs, they either get of the beaten track, or show people surpruss they have walked past a thousand times.   As you might imagine, these tours nearly always sell out.   To get advance notice about our upcoming public tours, sign up to our free, monthly email newsletter here.   (We use the ultra-reputable mailing list management firm Mail Chimp,  so it’s equally easy to unsubscribe any time you wish.)

Alternatively, you could visit our Public tours page here  just to see to see what if we have restarted public tours yet.  But if you really want to do a Dublin Decoded public tour, now or in future, trust us:  signing up to the newsletter really is your best friend.

For Private tours hit the Green button at any time.

Either way, we look forward to welcoming you on tour.


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