Public Walking Tours: 2022.

What you need to know:   our schedule of public tours for the High Summer of 2022 has now concluded, as we take a break for the first 3 weeks of August.   A fresh schedule of new history and architecture public walking tours will be published here (just below) on or around 22nd August.  Those public tours resume a week later around 27th August. *  These new schedule of tours run from final week of August- through September-  into the first week of October.    A later final round of 2022 walking tours will be announced and published, covering the last 3 weeks of October and into the first 10 days of November.

* Private walking tours (exclusively for you and /or your own private group) are available year round, on available dates, by hitting the Green “Book Now” button and selecting the “Private Tour” option.

Dublin Decoded cease public tours from mid-November 2022.  Our annual, Winter Fine Art Talks series takes place online throughout January and February 2023.   Tickets for the Winter Art Talks go on sale well before Christmas 2022.   There is usually an early-bird offer for tickets, with a discount available for early-bookers.

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Public Walking Tours coming up late August to mid-November 2022:  (August and September tickets coming soon)
  • our famous walking tour around Dublin’s Medieval Walls.
  • a walk on the extraordinary lanes, squares and side streets west of Capel Street, with their rich history of markets and monasteries.
  • a visit to a 18th century, Georgian Court House.
  • two separate tours visiting some of Dublin’s most spectacular 18th century Georgian interiors.
  • Art tours to the National Gallery of Ireland, including our magical, Thursday evening “How to Read a Painting” tours on symbolism and iconography in Renaissance paintings.

To see when new public walking tours appear on our schedule, and when tickets go on sale for the winter art talk, subscribe to the free monthly Dublin Decoded newsletter emails;  here.     

We look forward to seeing you on tour soon.


                                                     Arran Henderson   |   Dublin Decoded Tours.

images below:  guests on recent various “Medieval Walls” walks, and on other tours, including Portobello and our private Art Tours!   

Medieval Walls walk in the Dublin Liberties, with Arran Henderson of Dublin DEcoded, photo courtesy Kevin Reid

St Audoens Church

Dublin Castle with Arran Henderson and Dublin Decoded Tours

Arran Henderson with guests on a Dublin Decoded Tour

Portobello Tour with Arran Henderson of Dublin Decoded Tours

Worth Library 1

Gragegorman Tour 2018 photo credit Luke McManus


Recent Public Tours from July 2022



Meet corner of Cow Lane, outside the Gutter Book Store.  Then we make for the river quays, to briefly discuss their astonishing transformation from the 1600s onwards.    From there it’s across the “Essex Bridge” then up Capel Street, one of the first, great, planned Dublin Streets, which in the 17th century, formed the first real extension of the historic city over to the North side of the Liffey.   From here on it’s a long, wonderful meander through the small lanes, squares and backstreets that honeycomb this whole remarkable district just west of Capel Street.  You will discover many rich, historic layers, of vanished market places, of forgotten medieval monasteries, historic prisons, courthouses and much more.

Sunday  24th July:  Stephen’s Green and the Secret Interiors of Newman house. 


Wednesday  27th at 11AM and again Friday 29th July at 2PM:  SOUTH RETAIL CORE: the South William- Drury – Andrews St, Wicklow and Clarendon St area.  

A debut outing for this new tour!   We call it South Retail Core and it explores the the history, architecture, and design decor of the beautiful Drury Street, South William St, Fade St and Wicklow St shopping district.   We’ll talk about everything from vanished, medieval churches and exchequer buildings, to old hotels and former departments stores,  while also enjoying many details of design history like 18th century Gibbesian doors, Art Deco windows and Art Nouveau shop fronts.  Discover an area that is an absolute smorgasbord of both history and design treasures.

Dublin Medieval Walls tour with Arran Henderson of Dublin Decoded

image below:  a late Renaissance painting at the National Gallery of Ireland, which is based on a drawing by Michelangelo.

Image beneath:  Merrion Square in an old engraving from the 1840s.  

Image beneath:  the area of our Books, Music, Politics and Theatre Tour,  in an old map, based on John Rocque’s famous survey from the 1700s.






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