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Dublin Decoded is a small walking tour firm located in Ireland’s capital, offering an engaging mix of historical and architectural material on all our tours.  We lead both public tours (for large to medium-sized groups of like-minded strangers, mostly Dublin-based folk) and private tours, booked specially for your own group, whether Irish, or corporate, or visitors from overseas who want their own private tour.

Our tours are especially popular with fans of visual and material culture, as well as with lovers of history and urban exploration.  Reading and interpreting clues of the city – street names, topography, inscriptions on buildings, to allegorical sculptures-  then decoding it all for you via history and context – is what we do best.

Our tours can contain information on social history, political, industrial, manufacturing and economic history, legal and military history, women’s history, art and architectural history.  Everything from underground rivers to underground societies. We look forward to welcoming you on tour.

Public Tours

Please note that the process for booking public and private tours is different.  To come on or view any of our public tours,  please see our public tours page.    Please note however, each tour is a stand-alone event,  so there’s no cycle of revolving events,  and note that we only schedule tours 3-6 weeks ahead.   So if you’re looking at our public tours listings in March or April, you won’t see listings for June, July or August!  We simply haven’t scheduled them yet.   Private tours can be booked anytime in advance (within the same calendar year) but will usually require a deposit.

Prices for a place on our public tours range from just €15 – €26 per person, depending on the tour.

Because we only schedule 3-6 weeks in advance, one useful way to get advance notice about upcoming public tours – especially for people based in Ireland, or for regular visitors- is by signing up to our free, monthly email newsletter.  So if you wish to receive these notifications (once a month, or every 6 weeks) of our upcoming public tours, then please sign up now to our monthly newsletter here.   We use the ultra- reputable firm mailing list management company MailChimp.  So it’s easy to unsubscribe yourself from the mailing list instantly at any time.

Private Tours

We also offer private tours which allow you to book your own tour – choosing your own date, time and itinerary, for your own group.  Fees for your own private tour range between €180 and €280  for your entire group of family or friends.  Large groups, corporate groups and very customised / bespoke tours may cost more.

Below are links to nine most popular routes for private as developed over the last five years.   These are divided into three groups: South Side, North Side and Fine Art Tours.   Simply select a title from the links below to go to the full tour description.  When you’ve made your tour selection, please use the contact form at the foot of every tour page to contact us.   Please use the contact form for private tour enquiries only.  We will reply to private tour enquiries as soon as possible (usually within 36 hours) hopefully with confirmation of our availability on your date, and with a quote for your private tour or event.

In cases of extreme short notice (i.e. for private tour requests relating to a time within the following 36 hours), you can send a text message directly to Arran Henderson on + 353 87 417 1460.  This applies to private tour requests only.  Please ensure that your text message includes *your full name,  * the title of the tour you’re requesting and most crucially, * the time and tour date requested.

For all non-urgent enquiries, please use the contact form provided at the foot of every tour page.  We look forward to hearing from you, and to welcoming you on tour some day.

 Private Walking Tours South of the river Liffey  


these are just a selection of these tours, to see more “south-side tours”, including our Classic introduction to Dublin please go to the home page and look for the drop down menu of Private Walking Tours South of the river Liffey

Private Walking Tours North of the river Liffey:


these are just a selection.  To see more “north-side tours”, including our wonderful Dublin Weest of Capel Street tour, please go to the home page and look for the drop down menu of Private Walking Tours South of the river Liffey

our Private Art Tours in Dublin and the National Gallery of Ireland:


Dublin Decoded Private tour Contact Forms below,   

Please note this contact form is exclusively for ordering your own private tour.  Fees for private tours generally range from €180- €250 (for your entire group, not per individual).  Hotel meets and pick-ups, large groups, corporate groups and very customised / bespoke tours may cost more.  We will provide you with an exact fee quotation once you provide us with your requested tour details, date and the number of guests in your group.  Please ensure that you complete all marked fields below.

The contact form should not be used for enquiries relating to public tours.  For information on our excellent upcoming public tours and for all public tour enquiries, please see here.

your Private tour contact form, for your inquiry and our quotation:



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