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latest News:  We are getting a number of enquiries about our 4-in-1 tickets for our new series of October Zoom Talks, starting Tuesday 6 October, and continuing every Tuesday through October (at 2PM Irish time each Tuesday).   When you are on the booking page for the four-in-one ticket, please press the date of the first talk to select, and just follow the steps from there.  Even though only the date of first talk is highlighted,  your ticket is definitely valid for all four talks  and you will definitely receive an email invitation to each Zoom call every Tuesday in October!   (We have done all this before, very successfully last June:)     You can read descriptions for each of the Zoom talks and can purchase individual tickets for individual talks, on our Zoom page, accessible via the menu above.  Or to buy the 4-in-1 ticket, valid for all four talks just go through this direct link, here.  

about us:  Dublin Decoded is a small walking tour firm located in Ireland’s capital, offering an engaging mix of historical and architectural material on all our tours and our richly illustrated Zoom Talks.   Both our talks and our guided walking tours can contain information on social, political and economic history; legal and/or and military history, women’s history and, especially, on art and architectural history.  Everything, in other words from underground rivers to underground societies!   All our real life walking tours over 10 people now use hands free audio equipment as standard to allow increased and enhanced social distancing.   Our tours, led by Arran Henderson,  are especially popular with with lovers of history, art, design, architecture and urban exploration.  Reading the clues of the city, then interpreting and decoding them for you, is what we do best.

Please note that we lead both Public tours and Private tours.  Private tours means you book your own tour, exclusively for your own group, on a date you select. (subject to availability, naturally)  You can book that tour right now, using the floating Green Button you see on your screen.  This is an extremely popular option with Corporate and with larger family groups, as well for as clubs and societies, book clubs, and other such groups.  We are currently restricted by Govt Health Guidelines to a maximum of 15 people on these tours.  For groups of 11-15, on both Public and private Tours, we also now – voluntarily-  rent and make use of the fantastic audio headsets, which we correctly guessed would allow our guests to socially distance and spread out more, and would therefore be reassuring for our guests.  So it has proved.  We have been trialing this technology on nearly all our walks this summer and now believe they both improve the tours and protect both you and ourselves.  Therefore, as from September 2020 we use audio heads on all public tours, and also all private tours over 10 people.  In both cases, the additional cost of this equipment is included in your ticket price.

Public Tours are of course different to Privates.  Public tours run on dates selected by us (which are visible on the bookings calendar)   These guided walking tours are typically attended by Irish and indeed by Dublin-based people, intellectually curious, culturally curious people, who want to get to know their own city better.  Very often, once they discover Dublin Decoded, these guests come back to us again and again!

As the best walking tours in Dublin, much loved by our (mostly Irish) connoisseurs, our walks either get you off the beaten track, or will show you secrets and surprises even seasoned Dubliners have walked past a thousand times!  As you might imagine, these public tours nearly always sell out.   To get advance notice therefore on our upcoming public tours, sign up to our free, monthly email newsletter here.   (We use the ultra-reputable mailing list management firm Mail Chimp,  so it’s equally easy to unsubscribe any time you wish.)

Alternatively, visit our Public tours page here to see to see what public tours we currently have available or for Private tours, on your own date, hit that Green button any time.

Either way, we look forward to welcoming you on tour!






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