Dublin Decoded is a small walking tour firm located in Ireland’s capital.  We lead walking tours that bring passion and insight to Dublin’s past. Our guided walks explore the history, archaeology and architecture of Dublin from Viking and Medieval times, through the Georgian and Victorian eras and into the present day.

We specialise in revealing and interpreting clues in topography, buildings, street names and architectural details, to help you read and decode a city in ways nobody else can.  We discuss social, political and economic history, legal and military history, women’s history and, especially, art and architectural history.  Everything, in other words from underground rivers to underground societies!

We also offer private art tours of the National Gallery of Ireland, where we bring a similar approach to old master paintings.  We also offer online art history talks via Zoom.

Your guide is Arran Henderson, a writer and art historian whose knowledge of the capital’s history and buildings has seen him featured in the Wall Street Journal and The Irish Times: with that rare gift of making seemingly arcane topics accessible and fun.

Let us bring you on an immersive experience for the culturally and intellectually curious.





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