Capel Street and river to Henrietta St and the Kings Inns.  your private tour.

Includes how Capel Bridge and Capel Street arose from the ruins of two medieval abbeys; as well as architecture on Capel St, Green St and around, the Green St courthouse and debtors prison.  We’ll discuss the Robert Emmet trial; see old tram works, and view wonderful old Victorian market buildings, with their rich terracotta decoration.

From there we’ll walk to Henrietta St, the jewel in Dublin’s Georgian crown and finally to the incredible King’s Inns, a masterpiece of 18th century Georgian architecture, by the great James Gandon.

  • Route: 1.7 –  2.4 km. (2 miles, maximum)
  • Tour time: 1 hour 55 minutes – 2 hours 20 minutes (approx)
  • Price: by application when you provide us with your number of guests and your dates please, via the contact form.


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