Public Walking Tours:

Unlike most larger, walking tour companies we do not host regular, scheduled public tours.   We prefer to keep things small,  to avoid routine,  and we never work off a script.

We do lead one or two very highly-regarded public tours each month, but there’s no weekly or monthly schedule:  the tours, and dates, all change each month.  There are typically only 2/3 per month. These public Dublin Decoded are mostly aimed at Irish and/or Dublin based guests and therefore showcase less obvious, more overlooked parts of the city.  We often organize site visits or behind the scenes looks at new architecture and/or newly restored historic architecture, or temporary exhibitions.

These public tours are therefore on different and diverse topics each month, and on varying dates.  Everyone is very welcome to participate.  Tickets are typically €17 -€25 p/p.   As the dates, themes and routes differ each month, and especially because tours are only decided and announced 5- 14 days in advance, we unfortunately can no longer answer email queries about public tours.   The contact form page is for use regarding private tour inquiries only.    All information on upcoming public tours is available via our monthly newsletter,  and/or via our tour listings on Eventbrite.   If a public tour is scheduled at the time you are reading this you may see it appearing below.  If none appear it may be because none are yet scheduled.   Please look at the foot of the page to see if a public tour appears on a EventBrite widget.  Thank you.  Alternatively, you may subscribe to our monthly newsletter.  thank you.

Most of our public tour guests are loyal members of a newsletter we send out once a month.  You are very welcome to join. The mailing list for the newsletter is handled by MailChimp, a reputable firm and it’s easy to unsubscribe at any time.    Thank you.

If you’re traveling to Ireland there may well be a public tour that will be scheduled during the time of your visit.  These are fascinating events, around less well know areas and/or less well aspects of seemingly familiar terrain.  The tours are highly sociable, convivial events, with everyone very welcome to attend.  Please note again, however, most public tours are only decided 1-3 weeks prior to the event itself, and all details are on the newsletter and we can not answer any email or contact form enquiries about public tours.  Thank you.

Please feel free to join the newsletter mailing list, and you will then receive advance notification of our public tours that way, usually 6 -20 days in advance of tours.

Other ways to see our upcoming public tours?  Links to the relevant ticket pages of EventBrite our events may also appear in the margins of this our website, once the events are scheduled, and the ticket page is posted on Eventbrite.   You are of course also welcome to link to and purchase tickets in this way via the Eventbrite link.  Thank you.

Upcoming Public Tour – How to Read a Painting

AS we run relatively few public tours, many visitors from overseas order their own private walking tours

Below: images from some of our public tours over the past 18-24 months…