Public Walking Tours:

Unlike most larger, walking tour companies we do not host regular, scheduled public tours.   We prefer to keep things small,  to avoid routine, and we never work off a script.

We lead from 1 to 4 public tours each month,  but there’s no repeating schedule or cycle of tours.  That means our routes and dates all change each month.  These public Dublin Decoded tours are partly aimed at Irish guests or at Dublin-based guests, and  therefore showcase the less obvious, or more overlooked parts of the city.   However everybody is very welcome to attend!   Since we run relatively few public tours however, and as dates are only decided a 2- 4 weeks in advance, many guests coming to Ireland prefer to order their own private walking tours. 

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Public tour list below:  Any scheduled tour confirmed at the time of reading will appear below: 

Tour A: 

06th June 2018: Grafton St, an architectural & history walking tour. 6.30 PM

only the second time we’ve run this tour. The first time it sold out within hours. This is an architectural and history walking tour of Dublin’s most celebrated shopping street, with notes on its history from the 1600s to the present day, with stories, links and connections: everything from hidden workers to a famous sweet-shop to a castle in North Africa!   Plus a lot of very fine Victorian and Edwardian architecture.

This is an evening tour,  it starts at 6.30pm and takes approx. 90 minutes.  Concludes 8pm approx. Grafton St area/College Green.   Evening of Wednesday 06th June.

Book soon.  Blink and you’ll miss it!   Below:  a detail of the Northern half of Grafton St,  including our meet-point.  

Key meeting information, and the tickets for this Grafton St walk available via the ticket page, here.  

Grafton St Northern SEction (Code Fire Insurance map, British Library) N Section) North

Tour B:  Temple Bar  11.30 AM.  10th June 2018.

Description:  Temple Bar was the centre of Dublin’s bustling shipping, trading and mercantile community from the Viking and Norman medieval era, to the Early Modern era and beyond.   On this tour we’ll explore both the historic and the contemporary, everything from a former 1500s synagogue for Portuguese Sephardic Jews, down a tiny side street, to explosive factories for revolutionaries, to top-class contemporary architecture.  Everything from archaeology to architectural detailing, to forgotten history, moving buildings, green architecture, public art and the public realm.

Not to be missed  Advance booking strongly recommended.   Please book tickets using this link.

below:  a detail of Roque’s famous map, showing part of Temple Bar as it was in 19756.


Tour c:   11.30 AM.   Saturday 23rd June 2018,

Henrietta Street to Grangegorman Walking tour, with Arran Henderson of Dublin Decoded.

Our tour:   View and explore the history and architectural history of Henrietta Street and the King’s Inns, Broadstone and the Grangegorman district, among the least-known districts of Dublin, almost a terra incognito, with its high, stone walls and network of former prisons, historic hospitals, asylums and workhouses.   We’ll view and consider Francis Johnston’s huge Asylum and vast Women’s Penitentiary, as well as glancing to the future.   A tour not to be missed.  Key meeting information, and the tickets for this tour here.

Below:  a detail from a 1861 map, showing parts of our tour, including Kings Inns. the LinenHall, Richmond Asylum, Women’s Penitentiary and more. 

MAP Heffernans 1861 Map LINNENHALL RICHMOND Pent


As there are only 1-3 tours per month, and as tours are only decided 5-  14 days in advance, many visitors from overseas prefer to order their own private walking tour, on the route and date of your choice.

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Below: images from some of our public tours over the past 18-24 months…