Visitors to Dublin are often buzzing with curiosity to see the best sights the city has to offer, yet are often restricted on their time available.   Over the last seven year we’ve refined and honed our offering.  For those looking for more outlying areas, or some esoteric themes, please see our Other Tours section.   But for first time visitors, or those short on time, here are  our 5 classic Dublin city walking tours we recommend.

For our classic Introduction to Dublin, classic highlights tour, see here.

For our South-East Highlights tour (the area around Dawson Street, Kildare Street and Stephen’s Green) see here.

For a Walk around the Liberties, exploring occasionally down at heel, yet historic and highly atmospheric Liberties district, see here.

To see some of the best area of the city just North of the river Liffey, especially the back streets around Capel Street and the area around the glorious, Georgian masterpiece, the Kings Inns, see our Capel Street to Henrietta St and the Kings Inns tour, here.

And if you want to go much further, and explore a seldom seen world of old 18th and 19th century prisons, hospitals, asylums and workhouses, try our North by NorthWest tour, here.

Finally, if Revolutionary history is more your thing, and you prefer a city centre experience, not to mention the 1916 Easter Rising, the Irish War of Independence and Civil War, theatres, Georgian social history and an 18th century maternity hospital, then try our O’Connell Street and Around tour instead, here.  

below, some images from recent tours..

Pictures with guests on Capel Street

above: exploring historic Capel Street and 18th and 19th century evolution there.

Portobello Tour with Arran Henderson of Dublin Decoded Tours

above: exploring Portobello and the history of Jewish Dublin

Dublin Decoded 21

above: O’Connell Street, exploring political, social and economic dissent in early 20th century Dublin, during the Irish Revolutionary Era.

Dublin Decoded 17

above:  you will find Dublin Decoded tours sociable and relaxing as well as well as intellectually stimulating.   A private group, in the Capel Street- markets area in 2018. Below: the beautiful old Victorian Fruit and Vegetable market, on the same tour and same area.  

Dublin Decoded 16


On some of our private tours we bring guests back stage to some of the most fascinating places in the capital.  That includes rarely seen private libraries, archives, private collections and more. 

Dublin Decoded 11

Below:  one of our particular strong points is architecture.  We’ll make you look up, and we will tell you what you are seeing, and how it fits into the story of the city. 

Dublin Decoded 7

Dublin Decoded 7

Dublin Decoded 15

North by NorthWest Header

Department of Trade and Industry, Kildare St Masons oand Dutch Billies on Molesworth St, South East Tour image copyright Dublin Decoded

Masons oand Dutch Billies on Molesworth St, South East Tour image copyright Dublin Decoded


Liberties walking tour with Arran Henderson of Dublin Decoded walking tours, image copyright Dublin Decoded tours

Dublin Medieval Walls tour with Arran Henderson of Dublin Decoded



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