O’Connell St and Around

Architecture, social and political history and rebellion on O’Connell Street (picture below), that great theatre and backdrop for some of the most seminal events in Irish history.  While we explore the smaller streets and alleys around we’ll pay particular attention to key moments in the Revolutionary era that played out around here, including the Strike and Great Lockout of 1913; the founding of the Irish Volunteers; the 1916 Easter Rising, the War of Independence, and the tragic Civil War and Battle of Dublin in 1922.

Then we’ll venture a block north, for a discussion of the remarkable Rotunda Hospital complex, and how it drove the entire 18th-century development of Rutland/Parnell Square, including the magnificent 18th century Charlemont House (today the Hugh Lane gallery) housed in this superb 1760s mansion).

Tour time: 1hr 45 mins -2 hours 10 minutes.  Distance 1.6 -2 km. Price: by application when you provide us with your numbers and dates, please.7


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