South East Highlights: South East Dublin Walking Tour:

This tour brings you around a selection of superb historic buildings among the tranquil campus of Trinity College (as in our South Central Tour) but then travels a different direction for the second half of the tour (south rather than due west) to explore the South East Georgian Core.  This is the most gracious district of Dublin, with its elegant 18th and 19th-century buildings, aristocratic clubhouses, townhouses and plutocratic mansions.

  • We meet you at the centre of Trinity College and show you around the historic campus in a way that most other walking tours will not be able.   Trinity, founded 1592, was the alma mater of Edward Burke, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett. It also showcases some of the best examples of historic building styles from 1600 to 21st century.  Our selection typically includes
  • an 18th century “Temple”
  • a modernist masterpiece library, and
  • one of the finest Victorian era Gothic-Revival buildings in the world.
  • We then travel South out Trinity’s front gate, into the South Georgian Core of Dublin including
  • Dawson, Kildare and Molesworth Streets
  • and elegant St Stephen’s Green.

Highlights include:

  • the National Museum and Library,
  • Masonic Hall,
  • Lord Mayors House,
  • Georgian Ball Room
  • a superb 1930’s Government departmental office block in Art Deco style
  • Wonderful 19th-century Neo-Byzantine church.
  • There is plenty of social, political and literary history along the way.
  • We often end up in a tiny 19th-century chemist shop, speaking about James Joyce.


  • Tour Route: 2 – 2.6  km approx.
  • Tour time: 2 Hours –  2 hours 20 minutes (approx)
  • Price: when you provide us with your number of guests and your dates please

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Please note the Trinity component of this tour doesn’t include Trinity’s old Library with its Long Room and Book of Kells *, although these can be added as an extra,  we do not include as there is excellent interpretation available there on-site.

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