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On Tuesday 2nd June we started our series of five online history and architecture “virtual tour-talks” – five classic Dublin Streets-scapes taking place every Tuesday afternoon 2nd June to 30th June.   We’ve now completed three, now two remain.  The response has been very heartening!   Over these remaining 2 talks we’ll continue to look at masterpieces of Georgian and Victorian architecture; and unexpected fragments of history;  include links to politics, religion, poverty, philanthropy, literature, history and revolution.   No previous knowledge of Dublin architecture or history is required: All are welcome!

These highly informative yet highly accessible discussions are not virtual tours, in the literal sense of a live camera, wandering along the streets.  They are instead richly illustrated, dynamic slide-talks:  designed and researched by guide, writer and historian Arran Henderson of Dublin Decoded tours.  The talks are delivered live – via the medium of a Zoom call!  Attendance is ticketed.  As well as seeing and listening to Arran deliver the material live on Zoom, each talk contains a rich and varied succession of contemporary and archival photographs, of historic maps, old topographical prints and engravings, each image chosen to shed light on aspects of the city’s history and architecture.   You will find there are many, many such layers!

Tickets should be purchased by the night before the talk, latest.   (In some cases it is possible to purchase up to 10.25am Irish-time the day of the talk, but this is not guaranteed!)    In all and any cases, ticket -holders will receive an email invitation, containing a link to the Zoom talk, shortly after 2.30pm on the day of the talk.   You should press this link to join the call please, just before 2.45pm Irish time.  Our talk begins 2.45pm sharp.   Tickets €12 per talk.  For list of talks and topics, plus links to each ticket-date, please see below.   We look forward to seeing you there!


Talk 4 – Tuesday 23rd June – Parnell Square to Grangegorman. 

Zoom call from 2.40pm; talk begins 2.45pm sharp

A richly illustrated virtual voyage from the elegant Georgian elite enclave at Parnell Square (formerly Rutland Square) and nearby enigmatic Black Church (with its construction secrets and local superstitions), then across the whole North-West section of Dublin city.  Highlights include the fabulous architecture of Broadstone station and the Hendron’s Building.  Also covered is the dark, half-forgotten history of the North Dublin Work House, with its vast complex of hospitals, asylums and penitentiaries.  We will end by looking to the future, at the promising new DIT/TUD campus at Grangegorman.

Tickets to this Parnell Sq to Grangegorman talk on June 23rd,  are €12 available here.

Talk 5 – Tuesday 30th June – Along the River Liffey: in the heart of Dublin.

Zoom call from 2.40pm; talk begins 2.45pm sharp

The river of water, story and history that both divides Dublin north from south, and yet binds it all together.  Studded with bridges that have witnessed street battles and revolutions and lined with some of the greatest buildings in the capital, from huge barracks to Georgian Courthouses, this is an exploration of the Liffey, its bridges, its buildings and its place at the very heart of Dublin’s history.  This our fifth and final Zoom talk.

Tickets to this final River Liffey talk, €12 and available here. 

Important Notice on how to access the Zoom Talk. 

In our first Zoom talk, Tuesday 2nd June, 51 of the 52 ticket holders successfully managed to join the call.   Please don’t be caller number 53!   Please read the following notes and tips, to ensure a smooth and stress free experience on your Zoom history talk….    

1- When you purchase your ticket or tickets, you will receive a confirmation email for each purchase.  This however is only a confirmation.  It does not contain the links to access the Zoom talks.  The link containing your Zoom invitation is only generated later, on the day of the talk itself.  It will be sent to you in a second, separate email just 20 to 35 minutes prior to the talk.

2- Therefore,  if you have purchased a ticket, please check your email just 10- 15 minutes (only)  before the talk commences, on the day of the talk.   Please remember also that the email may not arrive into your Primary email folder.   Please therefore check all email folders, including (on Gmail for example) your “Social”, “Forum” and “Updates” folders please?

3- Please also remember to refresh your email page every few minutes, in case the link arrives by email while you are looking for it?

4- Once you see the email, please press the link in that email to join our Zoom call, any time up to 2.44pm Irish time (14.44).   The talk proper begins 2.45pm sharp. We would ask guests to ideally press the email link at least 2-4 minutes before the start of each call, just to avoid delays for other guests?   But anything from 2-4 minutes is perfectly adequate.  Thank you.

5- Etiquette: Once commenced, each talk lasts approx 60 – 75 minutes.  Guests’ computer microphones will be un-muted at the beginning of the talk, but then muted (by the host) for the duration of the talk itself.  Microphones will be un-muted again after the end of the 60 minute talk, for a further 10-20 minutes for a Q&A.  (As a point of etiquette, there is of course no necessity to stay on for this Q&A section, unless you wish to, guests are welcome to leave the call at any time.  No offence will be taken, honestly!    🙂

We hope some of you can join us the ticket links to the remaining talks are all above.

We look forward to seeing you on Zoom!

Arran Henderson   |   Dublin Decoded.

River Talk 5 image Talk 5

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