Medieval Mass to Georgian Splendour, your private tour

Our tour focuses first on two superb Georgian era buildings, City hall (the Royal Exchange) and the old Newcommen Bank before switching our attention to Dublin Castle.  From then on we embark on a walk around the scruffy but highly historic area of the SW city centre known as the Liberties, with an emphasis on Dublin’s ancient past. Our discussion takes in early Christianity, the Viking settlement, Anglo-Norman conquest, including their medieval castle, city walls and gates; as well as historic churches and vanished monasteries in the area.

We’ll also discuss early local industries like brewing distilling and textiles; poverty and economic decline, social history, politics and rebellion, including the seminal events of 1798; 1803 and 1916.  This is one of our most popular and acclaimed tours.

  • Tour Route: 2 – 2.6  km approx.
  • Tour time: 2 Hours –  2 hours 20 minutes (approx)
  • Price: by application when you provide us with your number of guests and your dates please via the contact form.   
  • Please specify your chosen tour title “Medieval Mass” on your contact form, thank you
  • Below, some images from our tours on this route and from the history of the area…

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