Our specialty is high-end, quality, private tours for small to medium-size groups of discerning clients, whether family groups or a company of friends.   We’ve also provide wonderful larger tours for companies and corporate excursions, as well as schools, clubs, societies and university groups.

For all such private tour inquiries, please first choose a tour title from our tour menus (either South-side, North-side or Art Tours)   Once you choose your tour title, please use the floating Green Button, to book your own Private tour.   Thank you.

Do we run Public tours?   Yes.  But only 1 to 4 per month.  Unlike most walking tour companies we do not host regular, scheduled public tours.  We generally lead from just one up to maximum for public tours each month.  Everyone of course very is welcome to participate.   We think you’ll enjoy them, especially as most of our guests are Irish, and our tours are deeply convivial, and a a really nice weay to meet local people.   But please note,  the dates, themes and routes of our public tours all differ (change) each month!  There is no regular schedule you can look up.   In addition,  tours are only announced 8- 15 days in advance, and unfortunately we can sometimes not answer all email queries about public tours.  There is however,  an excellent,  free, reliable monthly newsletter!  For more information on public tours, please see our public tour page:  here.    To subscribe directly to the newsletter, for all future public tour notification, please go here.

For a broader overview of our private tours, contact details, additional images, a resume of our bespoke tour options, please see here.

Below: images from some of our private walking tours.



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