One of our specialties is high-end, quality, private tours for small to medium-size groups of discerning clients, whether family groups or a company of friends.   We’ve also provide wonderful larger tours for companies and corporate excursions, as well as for schools, clubs, societies and university groups, both domestic and international.  We can’t divulge all our clients naturally but those we can include Trinity College Dublin Medical School; the New York School of Design; Glen Howells Architects (London and Birmingham. UK); the Society of Dutch architects; the Liverpool School of Architecture UK;  Oxford Brooks University School of Environment and City Planning; the Old Etonians alumni association; and the Irish Georgian Society.  I’ve also hosted the Washington-Ireland Programme as well as a former Irish Health Minster/Taoiseach and a former Irish Attorney-General.

But naturally it isn’t our list of clients that make our tours the best.  It’s the tours themselves.

For all private tour inquiries, please first choose a tour title from our tour menus.  You can browse in either one of our three grouped menus of tours listed at the top of your screen or the drop down menu.  These lists are Classic City Tours; Other City Tours and Art Tours.   This method will give you more information and description about the routes, material and themes of each tour.  Then, with your choice and decision made, simply use the floating Green Button to complete booking your own Private tour.   Or if you are short for time and wish to make a quick decision, simply go direct through the Green Button from the beginning, for much shorter, pithier tour descriptions, and rapid booking.  Thank you.

FAQ:   I want to be economical.  Do Dublin Decoded run Public tours I can join?   Yes.  But only 1 to 5 per month.  Unlike most walking tour companies we do not host regular, scheduled public tours.  We generally lead from just one up to maximum of 5 public tours each month.  Everyone of course very is welcome to participate.   We think you’ll enjoy them, especially as most of our guests are Irish, and our tours are deeply convivial, and a a really pleasant way to meet local people.   But please note,  the dates, themes and routes of our public tours all differ (change) each month!  There is no regular schedule you can look up.   In addition,  tours are often only announced 8- 15 days in advance.   Unfortunately we can usually not answer most email queries about public tours.  There is however,  an excellent,  free, reliable monthly newsletter with all the information each month!  For more information on public tours, please see our public tour page:  here.    To subscribe directly to the newsletter, for all future public tour notification, please go here.

Below: images from some of our private walking tours.



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